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The development of Terme Vivat over the years:


  • Purchase and construction of the hotel
  • Construction of a borehole
  • Construction of the indoor and outdoor pool complex
  • Construction of the Vivat indoor sauna world
  • Construction of the Vivat restaurant


  • Construction of the hotel subsidiary A and B


  • Construction of the operating theatre
  • Construction of the accommodation building E


  • Renovation of the hotel to 4*
  • Construction of heated football pitches


  • Construction of covered parking spaces with photovoltaics
  • Construction of the terrace


  • Building the Vivat Spa Centre


  • Construction of a new reception


  • Extension of car parks and construction of a fountain in front of the Vivat Hotel
  • Construction of a new indoor swimming pool complex for adults


  • Renovation of the indoor area of the Vivat Sauna World
  • Renovation of the outdoor area of the Vivat Sauna World


  • Renovation of the hotel subsidiary into Hotel Vivat****
  • Construction of an overpass between the hotel without balconies and the hotel with balconies


  • Construction of the glass restaurant with 120 seats and an outdoor terrace


  • Construction of 13 new hotel rooms
  • Extension of show cooking in the Vivat restaurant
  • Construction of a new entrance to the hotel
  • Extension of the existing football pitch
  • Construction of a football pavilion with changing rooms, massage rooms and cooling pools


  • Construction of a new road between the hotel car parks
  • Renovation of the car parks
  • Construction of parking ramps on the hotel car parks
  • Renovation of the indoor and outdoor swimming pool complexes
  • Renovation of the hotel corridors
  • Renovation of the lobby bar and reception
  • Construction of the first part of the fountain with water world


  • Extension of the main Vivat restaurant with terrace
  • Extension of the kitchen with show cooking
  • Construction of a musical fountain with water world
  • Construction of a new outdoor wellness pool
  • Extension of the indoor pool restaurant
  • Renovation of the wellness centre
  • Renovation of the pool & wellness reception
  • Construction of a new elevator with a new entrance to the wellness centre and the new part of the hotel
  • expansion and renovation of the main reception
  • construction of a new part of the hotel with 11 rooms


  • Opening of the musical fountain with water world
  • renovation of outdoor swimming pool restaurant
  • rationalization of using electricity